The following collection aims to assist You (beyond our finished products) to find the finishing, method matching with your concept as much as possible. Every surface has its own pro and contra argument, antique-like finishing is available for a fair price, and right because of darkening, You can select a painted colour, whilst a black medal won’t look like too nice, but if we add a colour (see above), You can expect a very spectacular result. Of course, there is no problem either, if You although could not step forward by this gallery, but based on your plans, we are going to offer a better process, that helps You to bring the most out of the design.

Antique finishing

Antique gold, smooth

Antique gold, sandblasted

Antique silver, smooth

Antique silver, sandblasted

Antique bronze, smooth

Antique bronze, sandblasted

Shiny finishing

Shiny gold, smooth

Shiny gold, sandblasted

Shiny silver, smooth

Shiny silver, sandblasted

Shiny bronze, smooth

Shiny bronze, sandblasted

Matte finishing

Matte gold, smooth

Matte gold, sandblasted

Matte silver, smooth

Matte silver, sandblasted

Matte bronze, smooth

Matte bronze, sandblasted

Special methods, paintings

Shiny silver, with smooth surface, coloured

Shiny silver, with smooth surface, glistering colour


Painted (black) metal, with shiny surface

Painted (black) metal, with matt surface

Painted (black) metal, with matt surface, coloured

Painted (dark-blue) metal, with shiny surface

Painted (black) metal, with shiny surface, hand-painted colour

Shiny silver, with smooth surface, fluorescent, coloured

Black nickel medal, with shiny surface.