Design of the medals

If You prefer to design your race medal on your own, then it must comply with the following criteria to be suitable for implementation:

  • We need a vector-graphic file.
  • If the graphics may be certainly implemented and it won’t be required to make corrections, then vector .PDF is sufficient.
  • If almost completely ready, but You are not sure: .AI file with layers.
  • Important: in order to colour something, You also need to provide a frame to it (raised metal)!
  • We usually give frame to the contour of the medal (raised metal).
  • Colour selection: we need PANTONE code, which is easy to search on the website, or You may ask a pantone colour scale from a paint shop. If You have neither option, then we search for the best matching colour.

The finished medal and the design

The medal shown on the side was made for the I. Őrség Bicycle & Trail Running Festival of 2018. On the image, we placed the photo of the finished medal onto the computer design, then shaded at some areas. It is clearly visible how the final result of the area marked on the computer with black or grey will look like.

  • Size: 60 x 40 mm
  • Finish: Antique-like silver, with sandblasted recessed surface.
  • Number of colours: 2 (red and light-blue)

Always select a colour that will be the raised metal, and another that will be recessed. Then mark it under the graphics, so your work becomes easy-to-understand.



The design of the ribbons is not more difficult than those of the medal’s. Only some technical parameters need to be observed to make the end-result as good as possible.

  • General dimensions
  • Width: 850 mm
  • Height: 25 (most frequent!), 30, 35 or 40 mm
  • Run-outs: from the two end, 30 mm each, whilst from the top and bottom, 2 mm each
  • Color coding: CMYK
  • File format: vector PDF or AI
  • Since we sublime the ribbon, You can use any colours, there are no restrictions.

The process

Draw up your concepts, add an explanation, so the Figure is clear for anyone We make it vector-graphically If You approve, an implementation design is made, this is the final stuff You need to approve We make the mould, then your first medal will be soon ready without finish We trim, grind, polish and antique We colour with heated glaze Ready! 🙂